What is the 501st Legion?

Since 1997, the costuming organization known as the 501st Legion has spread the magic of the Star Wars genre worldwide through its authentic-looking costumes, and has become the leading force in fan-based charity events. The 501st, also known as “Vader’s Fist,” is truly dedicated to brightening the lives of those less-fortunate.

Where did the 501st name come from?

Legion Founder Albin Johnson (TK-210) chose the name in 1997 to represent our fictional unit of Imperial Stormtroopers. Author Timothy Zahn, with the approval of Lucasfilm, honored us by incorporating the name into his Star Wars novel Survivor’s Quest in 2004. Since then, the 501st name has continued to appear in official Star Wars material including books, toys and video games. Click here to read more about the origin of the 501st name.

What type of activities does your group do?

Bast Alpha Garrison makes appearances at events ranging from Mardi Gras parades to conventions and sporting events to charity services and children’s hospital visits.

Does your group charge or ask for anything in return for appearances?

Our group exists as a volunteer organization. We simply ask for access to an event and a place to change and store our costumes. While we do not charge a fee for appearances (public or private), we enthusiastically welcome donations made to your favorite charity in the name of the 501st Legion. If you do not have a charity of choice, we would happily provide you with a list of some of our favorite charities.

If I would like the Bast Alpha Garrison branch of the 501st to participate in an event, who should I contact?

If you would like our group to participate at an event, click here to fill out an event request form.

I really like your costumes. Where do I buy one?

Generally speaking, our members make their own costumes. The best places to check into the availability or construction information about a costume is via the appropriate ‘Detachment’ forums of the 501st. These subunits exist as a base of information regarding specific costumes.

NOTE: Star Wars costumes that are commercially available in stores or online may not be acceptable for membership! It is recommended that you contact your Garrison Membership Liaison before purchasing a retail costume to find out if it is accepted or what modifications might be required.

How can I join the 501st Legion?

Do you have a passion for Star Wars and helping others? Do you own a professional-quality costume based on “bad guy” characters from Star Wars? Are you at least 18 years old? If you answered yes to these questions, then you should visit our Join Us page for registration details.

Can I be one of the “good guys”?

Absolutely, but not as a member of the 501st. If you are interested in costuming as a “good guy” from the Star Wars universe, you can find info from our sister group, the Dagobah Base of the Rebel Legion. Many members of our group belong to both legions.

Can minors join the 501st?

You must be at least 18 years of age to join the 501st legion. If you are under 18, please check out the Galactic Academy, a group created for our younger cadets.

Is the 501st a part of Lucasfilm?

While recognized by the inclusion of the 501st name in official Star Wars material such as books and video games, the 501st is not affiliated with Lucasfilm nor do we rely on the company for bookings, event coordination, compensation, or costuming materials. The 501st Legion is a volunteer fan organization.

While it is not sponsored by Lucasfilm Ltd., it is Lucasfilm’s preferred Imperial costuming group. Star Wars, its characters, costumes, and all associated items are the intellectual property of Lucasfilm.